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James Westby jw+debian at jameswestby.net
Thu Oct 8 18:57:36 BST 2009

A journalist once went to stay at a monastery. On the first evening he joined
them for dinner. The meal started in silence. As the plates from the
starter were being cleared, a young monk shouted out "Eighty-four"
and everyone rolled around laughing. The journalist was confused, but
just smiled politely. Part way through the main course an ageing
bearded monk yelled "Forty-nine", and once again everyone broke
in to hysterics.

This time the journalist couldn't help himself. Once everyone
had calmed down he lent close to his neighbour and asked, "Why does
everyone find these numbers so funny?", "Well," the young man replied,
"we only have one joke book in the monastery, and everyone knows every
single joke so well that we no longer say them in full.  We just shout
the number and everyone knows which joke we mean."

"Right" thought the journalist, I'm going to try and bond with them.
As dessert was being served he shouted out "Twenty-two!", but nobody
laughed. After he had overcome the embarrasment he lent back to his
neighbour and asked "why did nobody laugh?" The young monk replied
"It's the way that you tell them."

Boom boom.

In a similar vein I think that one day all online communication
will consist of people typing the number of the xkcd that is most
appropriate to the situation.

In this particular case it would be 327.



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