[ubuntu-uk] streaming content via wires!

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Wed Oct 7 12:55:05 BST 2009

dan attwood wrote:
>>     I was thinking of how best to get this done when it occurred to me
>>     that when i get the virgin man to drill a whole to install the
>>     virgin services (the internet upstairs, the tv box downstairs) the
>>     most logical solution is that i ask him very nicely to drill
>>     another two holes and at the same time run an ethernet wire
>>     through those. So one ethernet clippy thing is upstairs and the
>>     other is downstairs. In the living room. Then when i want to watch
>>     something all i have to do is make sure its connected to my pc
>>     upstairs and im done. No wire, no hassle.
> When I had my virgin installed I just asked him nicely to make the hole 
> a little bit bigger and then taped the cat5 to the fibre and we ran both 
> cables at the same time.
> dan
Guess it's not much hassle for them.  I wasn't sure if they'd be okay, 
but then I opted for a self install option myself (I was too impatient 
to wait for an engineer install).

It's coax by the way not fibre.  AFAIK the fibre ends at the street 
cabinet and then it's coax from there to the premises.

There maybe an issue of putting the plugs on the network cable.  It's 
not too hard to do and you can get a networking kit for about £25 from 
maplins which includes plugs, about 50 metres of CAT5 cable and a crimp 
tool although maybe the Virgin engineer might be able to supply CAT5 
cable and crimp the plugs ready for you.


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