[ubuntu-uk] Karmic upgrade this morning

steve macstevejb at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 10:43:15 BST 2009

Paul Sutton wrote:
>> Don't see why you'd need to upgrade your video card, I'd hazard a guess 
>> that any old card would do as long as it has at least VESA support.
>> The install for my dad will be running on Virtual Box so it doesn't 
>> matter so much if it goes wrong, I can do a backup of the virtual 
>> machine when it's done so if it screws up it's a simple case of over 
>> writing it and restoring it.
>> With regards to the charity machine, I guess my best bet is to see what 
>> works on the machine.  It's a few years old (P4 2GHz, 512MB Ram) but 
>> still not too slow.  IIRC I did put 9.04 on there a while back but had 
>> to nab the hard drive for something else.
>> I'll have a play over the weekend I think and see what happens.
>> Rob
> Yeah but the geforce 4 card uses a legacy driver, so i need that to get
> the proper resolution unless the OSS one can do it but I strugle to get
> that sort of thing working anyway.
> if I upgrade the card, theni can use a newer driver that is better
> supported in newer versions of Xorg
> Paul
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I have an Nvidia geforce4 mmx card which uses the 96xx series driver 
which works fine under Karmic and which I have been using since Alpha 6 
came out.

My card was detected automatically on first boot and the appropriate 
driver downloaded and installed.

Am able to use compiz no problems with this card + Karmic



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