[ubuntu-uk] Exchange 2007 Support in Karmic

Ian Pascoe softy.lofty.ilp at btinternet.com
Mon Nov 16 21:35:58 GMT 2009

Have heard some good things about OpenChange; never used it or seen it in
action though.


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On 12/11/09 16:45, Paul Roach wrote:
> Wondered whether anyone on the list has had any joy/luck with Evolution
> and MS Exchange 2007.  I've read a lot online about incompatibility due
> to MS sacking WebDAV - which is effectively how Evolution-Exchange and
> Exchange 2003 talk to each other, but haven't been able to find (m)any
> success stories.
> I'd love to move the messaging architecture over to something open
> source - but at the same time I'm looking for simplicity of deployment
> to our predominantly MS users (who heavily use shared Calendars/Tasks
> and Public Folders in Exchange).  I've looked at Horde, eGroupware and
> Lotus Notes but Horde and eGroupware fail to tick all the boxes and
> Notes works out more expensive on licencing.  Effectively for the next
> few years it looks like I'm stuck with MS and Active Directory - I'm
> just hoping that I don't end up breaking my own systems in the process
> so any comments would be appreciated.

Take a look at Zimbra and Zimbra Desktop and also a project called
OpenChange which is buiding an Exchange Proxy.


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