[ubuntu-uk] Problem With USB Pen Drives/SD Cards - Xubuntu 9.10

Robert McWilliam rmcw at allmail.net
Tue Nov 10 11:06:05 GMT 2009

On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 10:25:24AM +0000, Nigel Verity wrote:
>  I have installed Xubuntu 9.10 on both my Acer 1410 laptop and my
> Compaq desktop. When I copy files to a USB drive or an SD card they
> usually arrive on the target drive as 0 bytes. This does not seem to
> be dependent on the file type or size. The fact that it doesn't
> happen every single time is what particularly confuses me.

Are you unmounting (or using the "eject" button in nautilus) before
removing the stick/card? When files are written to the write is cached
and wont actually get to the device till some time later. Unmounting
flushes the cache to the device, but if you remove the device without
unmounting the data might not have made it to the device yet. 


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