[ubuntu-uk] OpenOffice.org problems

Alan Lord (News) alanslists at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 10:33:18 GMT 2009

On 04/11/09 09:50, David King wrote:
> It made no difference installing the galaxy icon set.
> also, how do I change the icon set in OOo? I see no option in the program.
> And, after making that change, things got worse. All the menu entries
> vanished. I had an icon in the panel for OOo Writer, which also would
> not work without specifying the full path to the program. And when I run
> it, I still the get the same error message.
> What can I do?

My suggestions would be to:

Backup and then remove any/all of your ~/.openoffice.org{x} directories, 

cd ~
tar zcvf OOo.backup.tar.gz ~/openoffice.org{x}
rm -r ~/.openoffice.org{x}

uninstall OOo and whatever debs you have installed.

Synaptic is probably the easiest way to do this.

Then, either, re-install the Ubuntu packaged version of OOo from the 
main repo, or get the vanilla OOo debs from the OpenOffice.org site.

There are several advantages to using the Ubuntu packaged OOo most of 
which boil down to better integration with the gnome desktop environment.

I used the original OOo 3.1 debs in Jaunty for a while, but had lots of 
funny issues with screen redrawing and the in-built file picker wasn't 
very good to use.

But one of the issues you mentioned "it keeps crashing and then it fails 
to recover documents." was fixed by removing my ~/.openoffice.org 
directory and letting the right version create a new one when it first 



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