[ubuntu-uk] Scambled screen & Beginning Ubuntu

Roger Lancefield rlancefield at gmail.com
Sun May 31 20:30:02 BST 2009

2009/5/31 Greg Herdman <gherdman at toucansurf.com>

> Hi Everyone,
> I too can vouch for Keir Thomas & Jaime Sicam's book - although it
> hasn't got me out of my scrambled scren 'hole' yet, it was a real
> support while I was styarting out on the Linux road. Add to that the
> Live user mode on the DVD which is still in use until I can summon up
> the courage to reinstall the whole shooting match.
> The scrambled screen issue is still fouling up my
> all-singing-al;l-dancing use of Ubuntu, but Live user from the DVD is a
> real get-you-home utility; I can access my hard drive, print, access
> removable media and go online - all from the DVD. I've just not made use
> of e-mail access since everything has to be reconfigured every time the
> system is started. As a promotional tool - to show non-believers how
> Ubuntu looks and works - Live user is a gem.
> Any more hints on my scrambled screen issue would be much appreciated!
> Greg

Hi Greg,

Can you tell the list what Ubuntu version you have on the CD and what
hardware you are running it on (particularly the graphics card/chipset)?

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