[ubuntu-uk] Dell mini 10v costs more with Ubuntu than with XP

Eddie Bernard eddieb at gmail.com
Sun May 31 16:46:16 BST 2009

> From: Paul Broadhead <pjbroad at twinmoons.clara.co.uk>
> Subject: Re: [ubuntu-uk] Dell mini 10v costs more with Ubuntu than

> Alan Pope wrote:
>> As I understand it (i.e. this may be factually inaccurate) any OEM
>> wishing to sell Ubuntu branded as Ubuntu needs to pay a license to
>> Canonical for the use of the trademarked name. I believe there are
>> also restrictions upon what you can do, for example you can't
>> pre-install skype, but can pre-install some codec bundles (which are
>> an additional license cost).
> I did not realise that was the case.  However, the figures would be very
> useful to know; both for Ubuntu and for windows.  I wish companies could
> be more open about the OS cost and stop trying to hide behind different
> specifications and machines that cannot be compared.

A while back, some of you may remember I contacted you all with
respect to my business, and the prices for selling Ubuntu
pre-installed desktop PCs. In response a number of posters suggested I
get in touch with Canonical regarding whether there are royalty fees

They did eventually reply. Apologies, I meant to forward this to you
all a long time ago. Here was the response:

"In terms of selling PCs with Ubuntu preloaded, as Ubuntu is free
software and free to download, you don't need a license from us in
order to do this. However, if you want to use the Ubuntu logo on the
PCs you sell, this falls under our Trademarks and that is a different

We only allow PCs that have been Ubuntu Certified or Ubuntu
Compatibility tested to display the Ubuntu logo. There can be no
indication on the PCs that you sell with Ubuntu preloaded that these
have been certified to work with Ubuntu, if this is not the case.

So you are perfectly welcome to sell PCs with Ubuntu preloaded, but
just not to use our trademarks or branding in this regard."

In other words, it's a question of branding, rather than getting
permission to use the software. If you don't use the branding, you
don't pay anything.

Hope this is useful to you all.


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