[ubuntu-uk] Dell mini 10v costs more with Ubuntu than with XP

Paul Broadhead pjbroad at twinmoons.clara.co.uk
Sun May 31 13:04:29 BST 2009

Great, dell are selling their Inspiron Mini 10v preloaded with Ubuntu
8.04.  The base system with a 8GB SSD is priced at 199 pounds.
You can even upgrade the spec to be the same as the XP version, i.e.
with a 160GB hard drive. The problem is with that upgrade the Ubuntu
machine costs 258 pounds while the XP machine costs 249 pounds.  Not so

I used the on-line help to ask why this and was told "if you upgrade
then the price will definitely shoot up".  I asked if I should just buy
the XP version, wipe it and install my own OS.  He eventually replied
"Well if that sounds cheaper yes".  I asked if he expected dell to sell
many of these Ubuntu machines and he replied "As of now no".

Needless to say, I'm not buying one.
Paul Broadhead

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