[ubuntu-uk] High street store handbagged by angry pensioner

Steve Cook yorvik.ubunto at googlemail.com
Sat May 30 23:26:17 BST 2009

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Sean Miller wrote:
> Yes, you're right James... that's why I haven't criticised the staff
> in my post above.  If we want them to be consultants then companies
> like John Lewis have to train them to be open minded, but I don't
> think the folks who form corporate strategy can see the difference
> between selling a dishwasher and a computer.
> I think I'd stay working in the dishwasher department... less grief...
I don’t think they’d have any more idea in the dishwasher department either.
Having worked in retail, I can tell you very few firms teach you any
thing about the products they sell.  They will tell you which ones you
are supposed to encourage the customer to buy.  The managers will give
grief if you don’t greet customers in the company approved manner, and
won’t support you if a customer becomes abusive.  Given that most staff
are on, or near, minimum wage they end up not really caring and just
tend to do enough to keep out of trouble.
Thankfully there are a few firms left that care about customer service
and train their staff accordingly.

The track suite problem is one I’ve never understood. I was in a pub,
with friends, recently when they refused to serve us because one lad was
wearing track suite bottoms. he had his foot in plaster and that’s all
he had that would fit over the cast.

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