[ubuntu-uk] High street store handbagged by angry pensioner

Gordon gbplinux at gmail.com
Sat May 30 08:47:15 BST 2009

James Milligan (Lake54) wrote:
> Haha - ain't it great when people don't quite know what they're
> talking about (like me sometimes!). At least when a customer asks me
> something, I'm stupid enough to say I don't know, then look it up on
> Google :S better safe than sorry though..

That's the one thing that was drummed into us in the Army - if you are 
giving a lecture or lesson of any kind and someone asks a question to 
which you don't know the answer, NEVER bluff. You WILL be found out. 
Always say you don't know, that you'll find out and get back to the 
questioner and make sure you do!

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