[ubuntu-uk] Mini-success story

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Fri May 29 15:46:31 BST 2009

James Milligan wrote:
> Now this is something that's definitely going to help tomorrow!
> My PC with XP on has today started throwing blue screens every time it  
> starts up i.e. I can't use it - which is a nightmare because I'm using  
> a website online for some revision help.
> With the Ubuntu 8.10 live cd I've got, I can now go online for however  
> long I want! The only thing I have to do is install flash player and  
> that's it!!!
> Oh I'm so using Ubuntu full time as soon as I can!
> James
> PS - the BSOD error was machine check exception - mainly associated  
> with CPU but it seems to be running fine.
That's good, I find it's always handy to have an Ubuntu Live CD kicking 
around for those times when something like that happens.  What you could 
do is also create an Ubuntu USB stick (should be under System -> 
Administration -> USB Startup Disk creator) which hopefully you'd be 
able to boot from.  I believe it should be possible then to install 
Flash on there too so you can simply boot and start working straight away.


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