[ubuntu-uk] bbc listen again anomaly

Tim Dobson lists at tdobson.net
Thu May 28 12:20:30 BST 2009

alan c wrote:
> Most of bbc radio listen again is flash based I think, and it works ok
> for me.
> However, just lately I find that some programmes do not play and a
> message appears that I need to 'install real player'.
> In a machine which has an older install - an asus 900 which is still
> running the original xandros offering - such programmes play ok.
> just for the record - in one machine with 9.04 on it, I did actually
> install RealPlayer  from a deb an dalso on 8.04 machine from a binary.
> Neithe rworked for the problem item.
> A particular example is the michael bentine show
> for example
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00bv2gw/episodes/player
> strangely, shows with this problem do work sometimes. It is as if
> firefox (3) or th eplugins are not fully working with bbc iplayer
> any ideas please?

I'm going to forward this to the BBC-Backstage mailing list where a lot 
of the people who maintain stuff like this hang out.

We'll see what happens... :)



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