[ubuntu-uk] mythtv

norman norman at littletank.org
Thu May 28 12:03:16 BST 2009

> > [...]
> > I find it easier in cases like this to simply rename 70-persistant-cd.rules as
> > 70-persistant-cd.rules~ and reboot, Ubuntu will create a new set of rules when
> > it discovers the file missing.
> Hello, Mark.
> Good advice - I should have thought of suggesting that, because I also 
> delete all entries from the 70-persistent-net.rules file for the same 
> reason when I change NIC's or change motherboards with on-board NIC's.

This seems to be an excellent idea but, please remember, that you are
dealing with an elderly rookie as far as things like this are concerned.
However, I can follow instructions so if you would be kind enough to
tell me the magic words I will do the rest.


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