[ubuntu-uk] bbc listen again anomaly

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Thu May 28 10:14:23 BST 2009

Most of bbc radio listen again is flash based I think, and it works ok
for me.

However, just lately I find that some programmes do not play and a
message appears that I need to 'install real player'.

In a machine which has an older install - an asus 900 which is still
running the original xandros offering - such programmes play ok.

just for the record - in one machine with 9.04 on it, I did actually
install RealPlayer  from a deb an dalso on 8.04 machine from a binary.
Neithe rworked for the problem item.

A particular example is the michael bentine show
for example

strangely, shows with this problem do work sometimes. It is as if
firefox (3) or th eplugins are not fully working with bbc iplayer

any ideas please?

alan cocks
Ubuntu user

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