[ubuntu-uk] mythtv

norman norman at littletank.org
Wed May 27 21:03:47 BST 2009

> > 
> > On the face of it you must be correct. I have been reading to find a
> > solution and opened a terminal and tried ls -l /dev/dvd. There was no
> > response so I tried with /dev/dvd1 with the following result:-
> > 
> > norman at gruber:~$ ls -l /dev/dvd1
> > lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 2009-05-25 16:31 /dev/dvd1 -> scd0
> > norman at gruber:~$
> > 
> > Is this any help to sorting things out. I use the terminal from time to
> > time but I am never sure what things mean but I am learning.

> You might find an answer to your question in:
>    /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-cd.rules
> This keeps track of the CD/DVD drives that have been detected on your 
> system: If you upgrade your CD/DVD drive, or connect it differently, the 
> "udev" system will then create a symbolic link for the new drive when it 
> is detected and add it to the file. I suspect that your /dev/dvd1 was 
> created automatically by "udev" after one of your upgrades.

I suppose it would help if I understood what it was all about. Forgive
me but I am not very bright about these things. However, let's assume
that something has changed but the software I am using doesn't know that
and, therefore, is still looking for the old /dev/dvd. Is it possible to
put into the appropriate place an instruction which will allow the
software to find the dvd drive?


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