[ubuntu-uk] High street store handbagged by angry pensioner

James Milligan (Lake54) lake54 at lake54.com
Wed May 27 17:05:52 BST 2009

Haha - ain't it great when people don't quite know what they're talking about (like me sometimes!). At least when a customer asks me something, I'm stupid enough to say I don't know, then look it up on Google :S better safe than sorry though...

A quick small story as well - a few weeks back someone came in and was describing the issue with their computer to me, and said that it was running Windows 2007 (which was actually XP and Office 07) and Linux. Well, I said, which one are you running? Because he didn't seem to know exactly what he was on about, and he said "I'm running Firefox on Windows - great, 'innit?"

Head-banging may yet be about to come back into fashion as I tried to explain the difference...

Hope that made some people laugh ;-)

About the John Lewis thing:

There seems to be quite a few stories recently about poor old JL - but quite rightly justified it seems.


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>On 05/27/09 16:48, Sean Miller wrote:
>> Yes, I'd be interested to hear the reply.
>> I have very little time for salespeople at these places... they only
>> know what they're taught, they're not expected by their employers to
>> be experts simply to sell whatever is on offer on the shelves... I
>> remember once going to PCWorld to try to buy a CD-Rom drive (shows how
>> long ago it was) and being told there was a world shortage and no
>> internal ones existed.
>> Their failure to stock wasn't my issue, really - but the teenager
>> "selling to me" knew no better.
>> Sean
>I remember once considering buying a Yoggie Gatekeeper (basically an
>embedded computer running a firewall that connects via USB). On the box
>it says that it supports Linux (well unless there's another OS with tux
>as a logo...), yet the salesman said it didn't. The funny thing is that
>the device actually *runs* Linux itself.
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