[ubuntu-uk] Business with Ubuntu

Tony Travis a.travis at abdn.ac.uk
Wed May 27 16:27:19 BST 2009

Alan Bell wrote:
> At this point in the cycle the 8.04 LTS has only a little more
> support time than the non LTS 9.04 so I would go Jaunty and be nice
> and new. Particularly for a desktop to get the notifications and
> UbuntuOne working

Hello, Alan.

I'm supporting a lot of Ubuntu systems running 8.04 LTS, but I'm not 
planning to upgrade until the next LTS release. In James' situation, I'd 
stick to LTS-only releases, otherwise the systems he builds will be more 
difficult to maintain. I use 8.04 LTS on servers, and desktops/laptops.

Before you all flame me, I'm not criticising using the latest Ubuntu 
releases on your own PC. I'm pointing out that if you have a lot of 
systems to support, an LTS-only policy is easier to manage. It would 
then be up to James' customers to decide if they want to upgrade to a 
more recent non-LTS Ubuntu release such as 9.04.

BYW, James, have you considered using "remastersys" to create 'product' 
recovery CD's for the systems you sell?


This works very well - I used "reconstructor" to remaster the official 
Ubuntu live/install CD before, but "remastersys" can be used to create a 
live/install CD or a live/backup CD from a system already installed onto 
your hard disk. You could offer the live/backup as a product recovery CD 
to restore the system to the same state it was in when it left the shop.


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