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alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Tue May 26 21:23:29 BST 2009

James Milligan wrote:
> Let me just say that I couldn't think of a better title for this, so  
> please  improve it if you can!
> The shop I work in sells desktop computers that are built to order  
> each time, meaning the OS too. We also sell laptops by ASUS but that's  

Have you considered selling dual boot computers? I know it is
currently unconventional, and would give most readers here indigestion
at the thought, but from my experience most 'customers' are already
hooked on Windows and invariably want Windows still in place on their
computers, but they ALSO want Ubuntu to give them an elegant 'escape'
route. If nothing prevents then using Ubuntu such as an incompatible
printer, then experience suggests they will use Ubuntu more and more
with time.

In a high street retail environment, the offer of 'Added Value' of
dual boot would lead to a higher purchase price. If the price is too
low this will seem illogical to a Windows 'Retail' customer. My guess
would be an extra 50 pounds for Ubuntu dual boot, with Ubuntu
configured with as many media codecs and flash, as possible. If the
hardware is compatible that should take less than one hour, maybe half

You will then be continuing Windows support for a time, and also be in
a position to support learning of Ubuntu use. You will become known
locally as the escape route from Windows. I believe that the type of
person who will buy a pre installed Ubuntu PC in a high street store
will be happy to pay extra and be even happier that it is dual boot.

You will get a fair amount of in person visits to ask this or that
question - they will come to the shop and see something and buy  it,
when talking to you. More business.

My estimate is that it will take the customers approximately two years
before they want to discard Windows altogether.

Meanwhile you can still offer Ubuntu only PCs to those that want them
preinstalled (for the same price or a little more than Windows PCs??).

You will also get a market, (perhaps online sales?), for naked PCs
which you know are compatible with Ubuntu. Personally, I do not have
much need for a pre installed PC, however I do have a regular (sort
of) need to buy hardware that I will install into, and it is always a
bit of a gamble about the hardware.
alan cocks
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