[ubuntu-uk] KDE Konqueror problem

Kevin Frost ubuntu-uk at g1bwt.me.uk
Tue May 26 15:17:21 BST 2009

Hi there

Apologies if this list is Ubuntu (Gnome) specific, but my problem is with a UK 
based bank.

I am using Kubuntu 9.04, KDE 4.2.3 (although Konqueror is showing as KDE 
4.2.2), with all available security updates.

Up until I moved from KDE 3.5 I was able to browse the Abbey bank online 
banking site. Upon moving to KDE 4.x I have not been able to use Konqueror to 
access the site at all - URL:

I don't get as far as the login screen.

I now constantly get a "Connection to Server Refused" page with additionally 
"myonlineaccounts2.abbeynational.co.uk: SSL negotiation failed"

I can access a number of https sites using konqueror without problem. I can 
access the Abbey online site using Firefox.

I have found various bugs associated with SSL in the various bug reporting 
systems, but they are for sites that I don't have a problem with.

I have cleaned out the cookies for Abbey with no effect.

In the konqueror settings, a test of OpenSSL shows it loading properly, and 
the path for the OpenSSL shared libraries is valid.

I have created a brand new user with all the default KDE settings to no avail.

Does anyone else have this problem with Abbey. Does anyone have an idea as to 
a work around?

Kevin Frost

kevin at g1bwt.me.uk
g1bwt at g1bwt.ukfsn.org

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