[ubuntu-uk] dial up connection?

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Tue May 26 15:06:32 BST 2009

LeeGroups wrote:
>> Of course too there is the issue that the longer the cable from 
>> the modem to the phone socket you're more likely to loose some speed due 
>> to interference.
> LoL!  How much interference do you think there has been induced in the 
> MILES of cable between your 'local' telephone exchange and your home? :)
A fair bit I guess.  Saying that though in my case I get close to 7 Meg 
on my BT broadband connection, now only if BT would provide near to that 
speed all the time ;-)

> BT recommend short cables because some people insist on using cheap, 
> poor quality cable around their homes and not terminating it correctly. 
> If you use decent stuff, it won't be a problem...
Yep I used to use an extension cable in my old place, in fact when I 
first went on the internet back about 12 years ago I used a 14.4K modem 
attached to the PC and rather than using a phone extension cable I used 
about 5 old BBC Micro modems all dasiy chained through one another on 
the telephone passthrough connection.  Strangely enough it worked!

Now though my BT router is attached to the BT master socket through the 
supplied 2 Metre (I think) cable.


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