[ubuntu-uk] Business with Ubuntu

James Milligan lake54 at lake54.com
Tue May 26 10:37:47 BST 2009

We do indeed sell naked computers - if the customer specifies this  
then we would by all means supply it. I'll do that later on today if  
that's ok.

OK I'll talk to him about this and see what he complains about :-)  
hopefully he'll see that in the long run we could turn a profit.

Good idea re the LUGs. I'm sure someone would be willing to give us a  
hand lol.

I just don't want him thinking that if we swap to Ubuntu we're going  
to be so quiet that he doesn't need me on a Saturday...

I'll mention all this to him this Saturday when I'm next in with him.  
Might even be asking on this list for help if I get stuck during the  

If anyone else has any suggestions please reply as well.


On 26 May 2009, at 09:25, "Alan Lord (News)" <alanslists at gmail.com>  

> On 26/05/09 09:04, James Milligan wrote:
>> Let me just say that I couldn't think of a better title for this, so
>> please  improve it if you can!
>> The shop I work in sells desktop computers that are built to order
>> each time, meaning the OS too. We also sell laptops by ASUS but  
>> that's
>> not really relevant at the moment. Our main thing, though, is
>> repairing computers in general.
> If you can or do sell "naked Computers" i.e. without an OS at all,
> please drop a comment on our site and we'll add your business to the  
> list.
> http://nakedcomputers.org/
>> The boss has told me that he's got 2 Ubuntu desktops to be built, and
>> he wants me to do them. He said this because I'm pretty much the only
>> person in the company that's knows about Ubuntu enough to install it
>> and set it up.
>> I feel that the time is right to suggest moving to Ubuntu as a
>> mainstream option when people are choosing what OS to have. The only
>> issues I can see, and what he will see, are the following:
>> - profitability - how much do you 'charge' for Ubuntu to make it
>> worthwhile? Also, because of the nature of Windows PCs, we get a lot
>> of return sales because of the repairs etc. I know Ubuntu computers
>> break, but not as often or as badly as Windows ones do.
> There are other firms who sell Linux based PCs and laptops. But I  
> guess
> the first question is how much profit do you make on the Windows OEM
> license? It can't be that much... (And Ubuntu installs a damn site
> quicker that Windows ad you get loads of applications for free too.
> Your profit should - I guess - come from the service(s) you offer;
> custom build and test, pre-installation, burn-in etc etc etc.
>> - training - I'm sure he doesn't want to cough up for the official
>> Canonical training, yet I can't go around teaching the guys who know
>> more about Windows than I will probably ever do about it. Is there  
>> any
>> training (preferably close to Manchester, but Cheshire would be  
>> better).
> I'm sure there will be some guys up your neck of the woods who can  
> help
> - you could try your local LUGs for advice?
> Al
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