[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Spotting

mac ammonius.grammaticus at gmx.co.uk
Tue May 26 06:29:16 BST 2009

Matthew Wild wrote:
> Ok, who was on the alert this evening? :) "Who's Watching You?" on BBC
> 2 tonight was exploring surveillance in today's society.
> At one point the reporter rattled through a list of ways in which we
> are monitored. As he mentioned "email", it displayed briefly (for
> about a second) someone checking their mail, using Thunderbird on...
> Ubuntu!

Blimey, you've got good eyesight!  I certainly didn't spot that one. 
But I hope the other four people who would have been watching this 
unsettling programme (first of a three-part series) noticed the Ubuntu 
shot.  ;-)


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