[ubuntu-uk] thomson router TG585v7 set up

norman norman at littletank.org
Sun May 24 11:11:03 BST 2009

> Is your old router still plugged in? If so, it might be worth disabling
> the wireless (if you have used it to connect to other networks) as this
> may confuse the system a bit. Simply right click on the wireless
> strength icon at the top and click Enable Wireless to make the tick go
> away.

The position at the moment is old router plugged in so that I can
communicate. I have other computers in the house which connect to the
router by wireless. I have powered up the new router but have connected
nothing else to it. I am able to find the new router from another
computer and, if I enter the WEP key, I am able to find the set up web
page via Firefox. 

As long as I can remember, the icon to which you refer, has never
appeared to be active on the PC to which the Ethernet cable is
connected. Should it?

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