[ubuntu-uk] Missing Repositories....

John jakewc2 at sky.com
Sat May 23 15:40:21 BST 2009

For some reason and I think this might be the eason I cant get the flash 
videos to work, it seems I am missing my Local Repositories. I am not 
sure why. I am only guessing this because I cant find a few of the video 
and music installations, plus, when I check what I have on my netbook 
against what is on my laptop in VM they dont seem to be there. I have 
looked in the repositories software sources, but they arent there. Nor 
are they in the Synaptic package Manager either. I have installed 
everything I can find in the Medibuntu rep's. Is there anywhere else I 
can look to find them?

I still cant play any flash vids at all. Its really strange.


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