[ubuntu-uk] Installing Ubuntu using wubi on Vista Home machine.....

James Milligan lake54 at lake54.com
Fri May 22 23:17:44 BST 2009

Wow - great you got it working mate.

Things will be greyed out in the menus because they were for before  
the extras.

My guess is that the first two installations were actually fine, it's  
just that you didn't take a snapshot of it etc.

If you need any help with Windows itself you are welcome to contact me  
offlist at any time. I know a lot more about it than Ubuntu, that's  
for sure!


On 22 May 2009, at 23:01, John <jakewc2 at sky.com> wrote:

> I dont know what happened there, but I tooka snapshot of the VM
> uninstalled it, then installed it again, now its working perfectly and
> it even has extras, which I assume must be from the Guest Additions. I
> dont have to use the right/ctrl to access the host machine, it just
> works in and out of the VM. I can even use both LAN and Wireless. One
> thing is strange though, in the drop down menu for the connection,
> Network Manager it only shows the Auto Etho connection, whether I'm on
> LAN or Wireless connection. But the Host machine does show both.
> That is really strange. In the Machine drop down menu a lot more  
> things
> are not grayed out like they were before. So not sure what happened in
> my first couple of installations but it does seem to be working now.  
> I'm
> using the VM to write this.
> Thank you so much for all your help. I am learning quite a lot with  
> all
> your help, far more than what I was doing on the Ubuntu Forums. I just
> have to get to grips with the Terminal now.
> John
> James Milligan wrote:
>> Hmm well that certainly is very strange. You might be better off
>> asking on the VirtualBox forums rather than this list if it fails to
>> work again.
>> James
>> On 22 May 2009, at 20:39, jakewc2 <jakewc2 at sky.com
>> <mailto:jakewc2 at sky.com>> wrote:
>>> It was everything, it affected the Router. I couldnt get a
>>> connection. I think it might have been something to do with the VM
>>> Network connector. I have a feeling it changd the IP address, and I
>>> also think it might have taken over the connection itself and made  
>>> it
>>> default. I had no idea how to fix that, so I had to uninstall the VM
>>> and start again. I think its done the same thing, because its not
>>> worked again, and I had to reboot the router again, and now the VM
>>> wont connect to the internet. The host connects though. Its  
>>> something
>>> I'm doing in the initial installation. I dont know what it is  
>>> though.
>>> I couldnt get any connection at all via wireless or LAN on any
>>> computer. Going to try again.
>>> John.
>>> On 22/05/2009, *James Milligan* <lake54 at lake54.com
>>> <mailto:lake54 at lake54.com>> wrote:
>>>    So the VM stopped working or just the VM? If it's the VM that  
>>> lost
>>>    it's connection to the Internet then that's normal because of the
>>>    network drivers - just reboot it.
>>>    If it was the laptop itself then I do apologise!
>>>    James
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