[ubuntu-uk] Advice needed: Ubuntu on 'Notebook' or Laptop

LouGid39 at cromer.demon.co.uk LouGid39 at cromer.demon.co.uk
Fri May 22 13:04:20 BST 2009

Hello All,

My old Intel box has finally packed up.
I see there are 'notebooks' and laptops
(what is the difference between a laptop
and a notebook??)
available with Unbuntu already installed.

My needs are simple:
to run Mathematica and LaTeX / LyX.

I'm now age 70. I want to keep it simple
and reliable.

I don't use Open office unless someone
sends me a doc file or a ppt.  And I don't
engage in games, or chat lines or 'social
networking,  nor voice over IP.

Apart from Mathematica & Latex, the most
sophisticated thing, is to view video clips
on the BBC website, and similar.

Advice would be appreciated.  Thanks

Louis Gidney

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