[ubuntu-uk] Installing Font

michael ubuntu at bigmassiveheed.co.uk
Fri May 22 09:44:53 BST 2009

font can be found here: 

extract the ttf file and copy into .fonts via:

   1. Go to your home folder
   2. Enable "Show Hidden Files" option from Nautilus View menu
   3. Then create new folder with name ".fonts" (with dot in front)
   4. Now in new folder copy all your true type fonts. If you want to
      copy your Windows fonts, you can find it in WINDOWS/Fonts folder.
   5. Now restart and new fonts will be in use.


Gordon wrote:
> Open Office 3.1 on Ubuntu 9.04
> Does anyone know how I can install the MS Font Monotype Corsiva? It 
> doesn't seem to have been installed using the MS Core Fonts installer, 
> and my wife, whose company laptop has this font as default sends me docs 
> that don't /quite/ render properly because of this.
> Thanks in advance!

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