[ubuntu-uk] Installing Ubuntu using wubi on Vista Home machine.....

John jakewc2 at sky.com
Thu May 21 23:33:24 BST 2009

I managed to install the virtualbox on my laptop. I have got it to work, 
and its updated ok. The only thing is at the moment, the size of the 
window is really small, only about the size of a netbook. I have tried 
everything to get it bigger, and nothing is working. Is there a way to 
increase the size? Even if you go full screen, it only shows the small 

Plus, what I have on the wubi install, is there any way I can transfer 
it ver to the VirtualBox, so that I dont loose anything? Or have to 
install all the repositories again.



Sean Miller wrote:
> I'm using Virtualbox, btw, to test things on Windows 7 - and very nice
> it is too.  I think Microsoft may have finally got things right again,
> after all the bad publicity Vista attracted.
> Sean

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