[ubuntu-uk] Image Windows Drive into a VM

Tim Dobson lists at tdobson.net
Wed May 20 17:42:59 BST 2009

danattwood wrote:
>> Still probably the best solution. My boss's laptop is blue screening on 
>> average twice a day, which obviously, isn't good.
> Be aware virtualising the machine might not solve the blue screen issue. 
> You might just end up converting a broken laptop into a virtual broken 
> laptop.

Indeed. But obviously if he is using ubuntu 90% of the time when he is 
looking at a web browser, terminal etc he's not going to have the same 
issues (hopefully).

When he has to use whatever windows software there is on there, then he 
can use the bluescreening VM... :P

lets just hope it's not dodgy memory or something causing the blue 
screens :p

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