[ubuntu-uk] Image Windows Drive into a VM

Cornelius Mostert corneliusmostert at googlemail.com
Wed May 20 15:13:00 BST 2009

>> Bad news, windows needs reactivation. Good luck with that.
> Ah yes, this did occur to me. Sounds like a complete nightmare. :-/
> Still probably the best solution. My boss's laptop is blue screening on
> average twice a day, which obviously, isn't good.
> Really, if I can get him off Vista on a day to day basis, I  suspect
> that the whole angle the business will take will start to change.
Well I have done this in the past and phoned them and explained that I
converted this PC to a VM and that the OLD PC will not go love again.
They did not have a problem with that and helped me all ok.

About the Blue screen- This might be a HDD problem, I have seen these
a few times and successfully fixed it with Spin Right.
Have a look at www.grc.com, I have bought this app and DID fix a few
HDD with it in the past, If you do not want to buy a copy I could have
a look for you (not sure if your boss would like a 3rd party to look
at his laptop/HDD though)

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