[ubuntu-uk] Installing Ubuntu using wubi on Vista Home machine.....

Matthew Daubney matt at daubers.co.uk
Wed May 20 10:25:07 BST 2009

> Hi Neil,
> Sorry I took so long to answer your message. I lost it in all the e-mail 
> things I have. I have 3 Ubuntu and 2 windows. Gets confusing now and again.
> No its not the same pc. Its a friends. It seems that Wubi only wants to 
> install the amd version, I have tried to install it again on another pc 
> and that is the version it installed again, even though it is on a a 32 
> bit machine, so thats 2 separate machines that tried to install the 
> wrong version, kind of odd.
> Sorry again,
> John.

Hi John,

Are those machines core 2 duo machines? If so then they support 64bit
and Wubi would use the 64bit if available (it queries the chip itself to
ask if it has 64bit support)

Reading through the FAQ on the Wubi site

Why is the AMD64 version of Ubuntu getting downloaded and installed?
You probably have a 64 bit machine, the 64AMD installation is
appropriate for all 64 bit architectures whether AMD or Intel.

Can I force Wubi to download and install a 32 bit version of Ubuntu?
Yes, either pre-download the appropriate 32 bit ISO manually and place
it in the same folder as Wubi.exe or start Wubi with the "--32bit"

So you can force Wubi to download the 32bit version by going start ->
run then browsing to where you downloaded wubi and then putting --32bit
outside of the speechmarks. Or you can download the 32bit cd image
yourself and place it in the same directory as wubi.

Hope that helps,

-Matt Daubney

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