[ubuntu-uk] Subject: Image Windows Drive into a VM

Cornelius Mostert corneliusmostert at googlemail.com
Wed May 20 08:42:41 BST 2009

> I'm in the situation (with someone else's laptop) where it would be
> ideal if I could image their Windows Vista installation on their machine
> into a virtual machine, ideally Virtualbox.
> Is this possible at all? Has anyone successfully done anything like this?
> If so, what would be my first steps?
> P.S. Sorry this question is more about Windows than Ubuntu, but I hope
> you sympathise with my situation! :)

VMWare has a P2V converter that I have used on various systems... OK
never on vista but did on XP, I converted my work PC (XP PC) to a VM
and then dualbooted my PC installed Ubuntu on it, tnen VM Server 2 and
now I have an ubuntu PC running my XP box in VM, so I have access to
my Work apps that can not run on Linux but the rest of my stuff like
mail, spreadsheets, word processing, Internet etc... i do from

Go look at the Vmware wevb site and look for the converter there

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