[ubuntu-uk] Installing Ubuntu using wubi on Vista Home machine.....

John jakewc2 at sky.com
Tue May 19 22:48:54 BST 2009

Neil Greenwood wrote:
> 2009/5/17 John <jakewc2 at sky.com>:
>> Hi, I got it fixed. I was using the Wubi.exe installer from the website,
>> and it was downloading the wrong version. Now that you have asked the
>> question, I am not sure. I know it wasnt the i386 version. Once you got
>> past the initial install, it said it was installing the other version. I
>> had actually installed it once, and couldnt use the deb installer, which
>> is how I came to first realise, then I uninstalled it, then redownloaded
>> the installer, then tried again, and that was when I saw what it was
>> downloading. I could not get the i386 installer, even though the machine
>> I was using is a 32bit machine it was downloading the 64bit version. I
>> think there might be something wrong with the wubi.exe installer on the
>> wubi site.
>> I eventually found out that you can install it via the disk. I didnt
>> realise first of all that it would show if you didnt restart the laptop,
>> just insert the disc and let it run. Once I found that it worked, and
>> now I have the right version, and its working. Its also updated really
>> well too, plus I have the right software sources updated and installed.
>> I am having a few problems with flash stuff, and I know the flash player
>> is installed, but its very slow. Which is strange as its quite a fast
>> machine. I was very impressed with the way it works on a vista machine
>> though, which is a surprise. I know its not the best way to have Ubuntu
>> installed, but for a beginner who is not good with partitioning, its a
>> very good way to get used to Ubuntu.
>> Sorry if that sounds a bit waffly. I hope you can understand what I'm
>> saying.
> Hwyl John,
> Is this the same machine where you were having problems before? If it
> was trying to run 64-bit code on a 32-bit machine, that would
> certainly explain some of what you were seeing!
> Glad it's working now. Not sure why flash is so slow. I've not really
> run wubi (I tried it for 30 minutes a couple of releases ago), so
> maybe someone else can say if this is normal...
> Cofion,
> Neil.
Hi Neil,

Sorry I took so long to answer your message. I lost it in all the e-mail 
things I have. I have 3 Ubuntu and 2 windows. Gets confusing now and again.

No its not the same pc. Its a friends. It seems that Wubi only wants to 
install the amd version, I have tried to install it again on another pc 
and that is the version it installed again, even though it is on a a 32 
bit machine, so thats 2 separate machines that tried to install the 
wrong version, kind of odd.

Sorry again,


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