[ubuntu-uk] Installing the Nicotine client

danattwood danattwood at googlemail.com
Mon May 18 13:46:17 BST 2009

Rowan Berkeley wrote:
> You may recall I mentioned a version of the file-sharing client,
> Soulseek, for Linux a few weeks ago, called Nicotine. I've got the
> unpacked folder sitting on my desktop right now, but simply clicking
> the .exe file within, marked 'Nicotine', doesn't bring up a functional
> user interface, just one which is mainly blank field. Elsewhere in the
> folder is an INSTALL instruction, as follows:
> "Linux/Unix installation instructions follow. To install Nicotine, from
> the source tree run:
> python setup.py install --prefix=<dir>
> If you omit --prefix Nicotine will be installed into the python system
> directory (typically /usr) This is not recommended however, as there is
> no way to uninstall things easily this way. The recommended way of
> running Nicotine is from the source tree, which might seem strange, but
> is no problem at all, especially if you are the only user of the system
> that is interested in running Nicotine. From the source tree run:
> python ./nicotine"
> The folder is right now located on my desktop, and I would like to have
> it where all my other applications are, but launchable from the desktop
> panel via an icon. Please tell me what exactly to put into the terminal.
> Should I change "<dir>" to "/etc", which I think is the normal place for
> applications, or something like that?  
you could try the deb file from;



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