[ubuntu-uk] Installing the Nicotine client

Rowan Berkeley rowan.berkeley at googlemail.com
Mon May 18 13:23:58 BST 2009

You may recall I mentioned a version of the file-sharing client,
Soulseek, for Linux a few weeks ago, called Nicotine. I've got the
unpacked folder sitting on my desktop right now, but simply clicking
the .exe file within, marked 'Nicotine', doesn't bring up a functional
user interface, just one which is mainly blank field. Elsewhere in the
folder is an INSTALL instruction, as follows:

"Linux/Unix installation instructions follow. To install Nicotine, from
the source tree run:
python setup.py install --prefix=<dir>
If you omit --prefix Nicotine will be installed into the python system
directory (typically /usr) This is not recommended however, as there is
no way to uninstall things easily this way. The recommended way of
running Nicotine is from the source tree, which might seem strange, but
is no problem at all, especially if you are the only user of the system
that is interested in running Nicotine. From the source tree run:
python ./nicotine"

The folder is right now located on my desktop, and I would like to have
it where all my other applications are, but launchable from the desktop
panel via an icon. Please tell me what exactly to put into the terminal.
Should I change "<dir>" to "/etc", which I think is the normal place for
applications, or something like that?  

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