[ubuntu-uk] dial up connection?

mac ammonius.grammaticus at gmx.co.uk
Sun May 17 22:57:55 BST 2009

Sean Miller wrote:
> I suggested a solution, which is to get a router.
> I am afraid that trying to get things like Alcatel Speedtouch modems
> etc. working takes more time than it's worth

Faran >>> I tend to agree with Sean -- getting dial up working is a 
pain.  I've done it a couple of times, and it's often a drag.  Prompted 
by your post, I just tried to set it up on a fresh install of 9.04 (no, 
I didn't do the install specially for this test!).

Here's my notes about how to do it.  In theory.  (Trouble is, it's not 
working.  Modem isn't being detected, and this is on a machine where I 
had dialup working under 8.04.  Rats!).



Check for modem:
sudo lshw | grep -i modem

(You may need to get some stuff using another computer with internet 

Is it an HSF modem - if so, you'll need the driver.  Using 9.04?  First, 
you need to get and install the alsa-driver:


(unzip, and double-click the .deb to install.  May take a VERY long time 
- be patient!)

then get and install the hsf driver:


Restart the system


Run wvdialconf.  It should detect your modem and create a default 
wvdial.conf (in /etc/wvdial.conf). Edit this file to add the phone 
number, username and password for your ISP. Then run wvdial to connect.

Once you're connected you can install gnome-ppp for easier non-cli access:

sudo aptitude install gnome-ppp
(The app should appear in Applications/Internet)

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