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drive has been incorporated into a virtual system by LVM there it should =
stay.  Any need to transfer data should be by either network or =
removeable media.

This brings me to a further question, sorry!

Can a LVM virtual drive be mounted by NFS?=20


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2009/5/16 Ian Pascoe <softy.lofty.ilp at>:
> Hi Al
> Ah-ha,  everything becomes clearer with the right acronym!  Thanks.
> However, still not too sure about things having read the =
> Can someone confirm for me please that:
> - the disk / partition's metadata is left intact and correctly =
formatted so
> that a physical drive can be moved between machines without problems -
> presumeing the correct commands are issued to remove the drive from =
> virtual drive;

It's not without problems, but it can be done with a lot of CLI foo.

IIRC, the main problem is if the 'new' machine also uses LVM and has
the same VG names, it gets rather confused. If the new machine doesn't
use LVM but has it available in the kernel, everything is much less
> and
> - when writing to the virtual disc, LVm won't split large files over
> multiple physical partitions / drives unless specifically told to do =

I don't think you can guarantee this.

There are various levels in LVM (from memory):
PV    physical volumes
VG   volume groups
LV    logical volumes

You create a filesystem on an LV, which has to be in a single VG but
might be split over multiple PVs. So a large file in the LV might end
up with bits written to different PVs (i.e. disk partitions).

> Ian


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