[ubuntu-uk] Broadband Modem peer-to-peer

David Restall - System Administrator dave at restall.net
Sat May 16 10:02:22 BST 2009


My mother has an Ubuntu PC and her broadband contract has just expired.
She uses the web very rarely (sends the odd email may surf occasionally)
but doesn't really use broadband to it's full and, to be quite honest,
broadband for her is a waste of her money.  I'm going to set her up with a
good old dial up connection BUT what about Ubuntu's regular 140M patch,
patch recall then repatch cycles ?  These are really going to start
hitting the dialup costs.

I'm quite happy to do manual updates by taking a DVD over occasionally
but a thought came to mind, rather than use a dialup modem, can I set up
her broadband modem and my broadband modem so that they can talk
directly to each other over the telephone system ?  I currently run
OpenVPN over the current arrangement so could I do something without a
broadband supplier ?

I'm not an expert on broadband - just an end user but is there anybody
out there who knows more about this ?


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