[ubuntu-uk] Upgrade vs Reinstall

John jakewc2 at sky.com
Tue May 12 12:36:29 BST 2009

I'm not very good with upgrades and things, so I was really pleased when 
I upgraded using the upgrade tool, to find that it worked perfectly too. 
I was kind of dreading it, with my past experience with messing things 
up, but I was very impressed.


jim.cameron at buhlersortex.com wrote:
> Lucy <lucybridges at gmail.com>:
>> The upgrade I just did downloaded over a gig worth of data,
>> but as I'm on a fast connection the entire install was
>> complete in about 30-40 minutes. If I was on a slower
>> connection I would probably have been better off using a cd
>> instead. On the other hand, f I had less installed on this
>> computer then it would have been quicker again.
> Tallies with my own experience. I wasn't timing it, but I shouldn't
> think it took much more than half an hour over my broadband connection.
> I had to fiddle the initrd to get it to boot off my RAID array, but that
> wasn't exactly unexpected. Apart from that it was quite painless.
> jim
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