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Tue May 12 12:17:41 BST 2009

Well, then I stand corrected! ;)
When I installed Ibex on my Macbook, there was loads of buggering around in
the config files to get things like the touchpad scrolling working, and
loads of sound issues, and other things which I don't recall just to hand.
Which is fair enough, as there's a hell of a lot of machines out there, and
you can't configure everything to run out of the box on everything.
But could an upgrade rather than a reinstall save me some of that hassle?

2009/5/12 Lucy <lucybridges at gmail.com>

> 2009/5/12 Robert Longstaff <dreamfish at dreamfish.org.uk>:
> >> Hi -- I was just wondering, why it is that the community-at-large seems
> to
> >> think that it is better to reinstall to a newer version of Ubuntu rather
> >> than to run the upgrade?
> >
> > I'm personally an 'install from fresh' person, but that's
> > just me ;)
> >
> > Otherwise, I heard two anecdotal stories at a recent LUG
> > meeting of people upgrading to Jaunty and it taking several
> > hours. In fact, one person re-did it from fresh on their
> > machine at the meet and it took about 35mins.
> >
> > Any thoughts on this?
> The upgrade I just did downloaded over a gig worth of data, but as I'm
> on a fast connection the entire install was complete in about 30-40
> minutes. If I was on a slower connection I would probably have been
> better off using a cd instead. On the other hand, f I had less
> installed on this computer then it would have been quicker again.
> Generally, if my machine is working nicely I'll just upgrade. If I've
> installed a lot of crud or otherwise broken things then I'll go for a
> fresh install. I certainly don't see the need for a fresh install each
> time.
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