[ubuntu-uk] Routers and printers

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Sat May 9 12:22:43 BST 2009

John wrote:
> Isnt there something about companies restricting you from buying routers 
> apart from theirs. I belong to Sky, and if Sky found out I had a 
> different Router than theirs they would cut me off. There is a way to 
> get the username and password that comes with my router, but I am afraid 
> to actually go into that just in case I mess it up. I am sure that most 
> companies wont allow you to change routers. Which is stupid really 
> considering the ones they give you are so basic.
> John.
Not usually, in most cases the ISP will let you choose your own 
equipment.  Sounds like Sky is an exception to the rule.

I know with BT Broadband they say you can use your own router but it's 
unsupported (especially if using something like BT Vision).  I also 
believe that with O2 they let use use any router and again just don't 
support it.


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