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Rik Boland Rik_Boland at Btinternet.com
Sat May 9 11:41:36 BST 2009

thanks Matt

Matt Jones wrote:
> On Sat, May 9, 2009 at 11:11 AM, Rik Boland <Rik_Boland at btinternet.com> wrote:
>> Hi
>> I got a router free when I got my broadband but shops sell routers.
>> Why and what the difference - r they better?
>> Also is there a way to make my wired printer wireless?
>> Shalom
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> The router that ASDL companies give you are often very basic, with
> little control of more advanced functions. They can also be a bit
> flaky(Depends on who the router was made by), so purchasing a new one
> can give you more features such as advanced firewall rules and VOIP
> functions. If you are happy with the stability and don't use the
> advanced features then the one you have should be fine.
> If the printer has an ethernet port, just plug it in to the
> router(Which I assume is wireless?) and you can print over the network
> wirelessly- Depending on the printer it may take a bit of fiddling
> around with, but Ubuntu is usually good at picking up printers- far
> better than the windows printer setup. If the printer only has a
> USB/Parallel port then you have two options. The cheapest in the short
> term is to plug the printer into a desktop machine, and share it
> across the network. Printing does require the machine to be switched
> on when you need to print though. The second option is to get a print
> server, which is basically a box with a USB/parallel port at one end
> and an ethernet at the other. Plug the printer in one end and the
> router in the other. You can get wireless versions, but they are
> pretty expensive. Some routers are also starting to have a built in
> printer server, so one of these may be an option. Some printers can be
> a bit fussy about this, so it's probably best to have a google before
> buying anything to check that it will work.
> HTH, Matt.

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