[ubuntu-uk] Routers and printers

Steve Archer steve at hometech4all.co.uk
Sat May 9 11:28:58 BST 2009

Hi Rik

Most routers, both wired and wireless, are pretty much standard models 
that you can buy in the shop.

The emphasis being on the word "standard" - if you have some 
fancy-fandangle adapter running an uncertified wifi standard to squeeze 
some more speed out of the connection (supposedly) then its likely 
you'll want a compatible router. Which on the whole wouldn't be a router 
issued by an ISP.

My advice, if they're giving it away free then give it a go - likely its 
pre-configured and ready to rock-n-roll.

If you want a bit more out of your wireless, like you're streaming media 
throughout your house and several devices then do some research and get 
the most appropriate router for your needs - be prepared to give your 
wallet a severe bashing.

And remember, chances are your internet connection is less then 20meg, 
and 802.11g is supposed to be 54meg, so there's really no need to go for 
an all-singing all-dancing super-fast wireless router just for browsing 
the net.

One caveat to this. If you are running services behind your routers, 
like web hosting, and you want additional control and security then you 
might want to look at a more funtional router.

As for your printer, I concur with Harry's comments.

Cheers, Steve

Rik Boland wrote:
> Hi
> I got a router free when I got my broadband but shops sell routers. 
> Why and what the difference - r they better?
> Also is there a way to make my wired printer wireless?
> Shalom

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