[ubuntu-uk] DOS file undelete

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Fri May 8 22:35:54 BST 2009

David Restall - System Administrator wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a memory stick that's died.  I have managed to do a dd from
> it and have the contents in a file.  I can mount this but some of the
> files are missing.  I can see the contents of the files using strings
> on the image but they don't show up using ls when I mount the image.
> I think the files are marked as deleted, is there a utility out there
> that will let me browse the file system so I can recover the files ?
> I thought there was an mundelete but can't find it in mtools.  It's been
> a long day and my brain is asleep :-(
Might be worth having a look a testdisk, I've used it in the past to 
recover deleted partitions and I think (although I'm not entirely sure) 
it will recover deleted files from various filesystems.  It also has a 
related tool for recovering deleted or corrupt photos, IIRC it's called 
photorec.  Hopefully anyway it'll give you something to go on.


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