[ubuntu-uk] Still having problems with embeded video playing......

John jakewc2 at sky.com
Thu May 7 11:39:58 BST 2009

Well after Alan very kindly fixed the problem of me being able to watch 
the videos on the Ubuntu site, I have been trying to watch the BBC 
embedded videos, and it just wont allow it. I get a message saying

'This content doesnt seem to be working. Try again.'

I have been able to watch the same video on the windows partition with 
no problems so i am pretty certain its the Ubuntu on my laptop not 
allowing me to play it. I can play it on my netbook though. Which is the 
same version as I have on my laptop.

Here is a url to one of the vids I'm trying to watch.


Is there anything else I can do to get it working?


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