[ubuntu-uk] Barcamp Leeds, May 30-31st

Tim Dobson lists at tdobson.net
Tue May 5 23:03:38 BST 2009

This is bound to be a load of fun interspersed with really useful
networking and cool sessions,

If you've never been to a barcamp before, I strongly recommend coming -
It'd be good to see a good ubuntu-uk turnout after the manchester 
release party :)


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Subject: [python-north-west] Bar Camp Leeds, May 30-31st
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Bar Camp Leeds is running for its 3rd year running. It'd be great to see
Python people there if you're around. Details:

     * May 30th, May 31st
     * Old Broadcasting House, Leeds, UK
     * Website: http://barcampleeds.com/


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 From Wikipedia:

BarCamp is an international network of user generated conferences —
open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by
participants. The first BarCamps focused on early-stage web
applications, and related open source technologies, social protocols,
and open data formats. The format has also been used for a variety of
other topics, including public transit, health care, and political

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still has one object.
If each of us have one idea, and we exchange them, then each of us now
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