[ubuntu-uk] 9.04: Is the (newish) GNOME logout menu controllable by keyboard?

David M lists2009 at trancepod.netmx.co.uk
Mon May 4 23:21:32 BST 2009

Adam Bagnall wrote in gmane.linux.ubuntu.user.british 
> David M wrote:
>> ..in order to shutdown my computer, but as this menu item is no longer
>> present, is it possible to activate the new logout menu from the
>> keyboard? I presume it must be somehow, as it would probably be Very Bad
>> from an accessibility perspective otherwise..
> I asked the very same question the other day on IRC as I had the same 
> habit. If you hit the power button on your pc/laptop it should pop up 
> the shutdown menu, much quicker than alt+F1 followed by cursor keys :)

<goes away and experiments>

..ooooh, that's neat! That'd never have occurred to me! 
(although the power button isn't really closer to hand on my desktop, or
should I say, buried under the desk, box!)

An interesting example of where us techie-types /know/ that pressing the 
power button without first shutting down is /obviously/ a Bad Idea, but, 
actually, instead, what would turn out to be the instinctive action for a 
'normal' person turns out in actual fact to Do The Right Thing..

Hey, does this mean that all that "power management" stuff is safe to
play with now?

<plays further>

..it even looks as though Suspend/Hibernate are working on my laptoy
(Advent 4211), although Hibernate takes longer to defrost than booting
up from scratch, which rather defeats the point!

No such luck on my desktop, though, which is, as I suspect, probably a
bit too old (~2004) to like that kind of thing.

I could still do with a keyboard shortcut for when I just want to logout
and hand over to a different user, though.


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