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Harry Rickards hrickards at l33tmyst.com
Mon May 4 11:55:34 BST 2009

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Rob Beard wrote:
> Michael Douglas wrote:
>> You're certainly better off than trying to get the Windows 7 Beta, or in 
>> 2 days, the RC. It took MSFT about 10hours just to make the thing 
>> available!!!
>> -- Mehall
> I had an e-mail from Microsoft today, they're making Windows 7 RC 
> available to the 'little people' (i.e. non Technet/MSDN subscribers) 
> tomorrow although I like what it said in the e-mail about it being 
> available until 30th June 2009 and there are no limits on product keys 
> or downloads, it then goes on to say...
> * /"So you don’t need rush to make sure you get your copy. When you’re 
> ready to download the RC, it’ll be waiting for you./*"
> I guess they're trying to get potential downloaders to hang fire until 
> they really want it, but I still wouldn't be surprised if they get a 
> whole load of downloads in the first couple of days.
> Having just reinstalled my laptop with Vista x64 and Ubuntu 9.04 dual 
> booting I'll hang fire I think.
> Rob
I might download the RC a few times on my VPS in America that's got
roughly 10 meg/sec connection, just to slow their servers down. I'd
never willing use a Microsoft product in a million years.

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Many thanks
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