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Harry Rickards hrickards at l33tmyst.com
Mon May 4 08:11:17 BST 2009

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Tim Dobson wrote:
> It's naive to think that the .mov file extension refers to it being in a 
> nonfree video format.
> Actually the reason get_iplayer can get the video is because the iphone 
> (possibly one of the most drm'd devices in the world) couldnt support 
> Windows media DRM so they made it h.264 codec video.
> You can find out more about this part of BBC iplayer here: 
> http://beebhack.wikia.com
> You can find out about licencing issues of the h.264 codec here:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H.264#Patents_and_GNU_Free_Software_license
> Just to reiterate, the decoding implementation for GNU/Linux the H.264 
> codec, which is used in the .mov files is freely licenced.
> There may be patent implications with regards to the format in the UK, 
> but at this moment, it's not very clear...
> Tim
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Thanks for clearing that up. I just assumed that as h.264 support has to
be manually compiled into ffmpeg in Debian and Ubuntu (it's called x264
in ffmpeg), that it was non-free.

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Many thanks
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